Lower your cholesterol
without medication.

Zizi's program consists of at-home cholesterol testing, dietary supplements, and a nutrition and exercise guide.

Cholesterol Reduction
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"I quickly received my at-home cholesterol test kit and supplements and started taking them right away. A month later, the second kit arrived and when I got the results I knew immediately Zizi works!"

Jabe H.

San Diego, CA

"As a mom to a busy four year old, I need things to be simple, straightforward. Zizi is exactly that for me."

Whitney S.

Tuscon, AZ

"I’ve learned a lot from Zizi's heart health course that I did not know, like new ways to incorporate water into my diet through food."

Mike M.

Pittsburg, PA

"High cholesterol runs in my family, and it’s always in the back of my mind. I needed a simple program like Zizi, to tackle it early on. I’m glad to have it."

Drew D.

Austin, TX

"I was surprised to see my cholesterol level decrease in just the first month, as I always thought my overall health was fine. The periodic prick of the finger and mailing in my sample from my home is a wonderful, versus an appointment with a doctor or the lab! Zizi has made a difference in my awareness and accountability to making healthier choices."

April M.

Indianapolis, IN

Our Cholesterol Lowering Solution

Test your cholesterol and track your progress from home.

Take our finger prick test at-home before breakfast, mail in your sample to our certified lab, and get quick results sent to your phone.

CLIA Certified Laboratory - CLIA Number: 05D2130115
CAP Accredited Laboratory - CAP Number: 8089263
Finger Prick Test



Low-density lipoprotein is Bad Cholesterol. Lowering LDL and maintaining a healthy cholesterol level may help to reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.


High-density lipoprotein is Good Cholesterol. HDL removes bad cholesterol from your bloodstream.


Triglycerides are a specific type of fat in the blood.


Total cholesterol is one of the factors that reflects your risk for heart disease.

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Supplements that help you manage your cholesterol.††

A 30 day supply of Plant Sterols and Plant Fiber dietary supplements separated in AM/PM packets. When used as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, plant sterols and soluble fiber from psyllium seed husk have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol.††

Cholesterol education, written by an expert.

Research shows that sudden, drastic changes in the way you eat are difficult to stick with over time. Zizi's Plant First Method nutrition and exercise guide was created by our Registered Dietitian who has expertise in heart health, to give you actionable, incremental changes you can make to your diet and stick with.

Registered Dietitian
A boho bedroom with red rug and plants.
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Did you know almonds can actually help you fight LDL ("bad") cholesterol? They come packed with plant sterols, which are compounds that prevent your body from absorbing cholesterol.

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Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol
1-Focus on fats
2- Go plant based
3-Get your fill of fiber
4-Add flax to your diet
5-Try vitamins + suppllements that can lower cholesterol
6-Get moving
7-Quit smoking
8-Address your stress

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A2:  Soluble fiber is found in the pectin of fruits and whole grains like oats and barley, as well as psyllium, which is good for keeping cholesterol levels in a healthy range.

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A healthy breakfast to start my day! Did a HIIT workout this morning that had me breathless. Oats cooked in Oat milk sprinkled with flaxseed. Nutritiously filled with fiber/ protein and heart healthy flaxseed. This can help to lower LDL (bad cholesterol).

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How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally With Plant Sterols and Stanols

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Breakfast ingredients for keeping my LDL down. Oat bran porridge with psyllium and ground flaxseed. For protein I add 35 grams whey protein and 3 g creatine. Keeps me sated about 4-5 hours.